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Why Utilize Leadership and Motivational Training?  

  •  Inspire people and direct them towards a more successful personal and professional life.
  •  Productivity is not dependent on skills alone, but also on the ability of a person to remain motivated under all circumstances.
  •  With today's economy it is essential that people have the management tools to perform consistently to the best of their abilities. 

"With a new management team in place here at the Butte facility, REC Silicon was in dire need of some “Leadership Development Training”, especially the new inexperienced managers.  Jane’s humorous and participatory training style helped hold the attention of the group for the several day “Leadership Development Course”.  At the completion of Jane’s course, the management team understood well that change is going to occur in all business settings and that those managers and companies that welcomed change are positioning themselves for success." 

~ Ed Stepan, Human Resource Manager  --  REC Silicon

"Below are results of 38 evaluation forms from our retreat. The rating scale was 1=extremely dissatisfied and 5=very satisfied. You ranked the following: Expertise of individual presenter:  4.5 , Appropriateness of teaching strategies:  4.6. Comments:  “Thank you for making this fun and exciting” . . . “Jane is an energetic and interesting presenter” . . .  “Very good presenter” . . . “Liked the exercises--kept us moving and engaged" Our group liked you very much!!!"   

~  Debbie Svaldi, Human Resources - Saint James Hospital, Montana

"I had the privilege of hearing Jane Baker speak at a Montana Healthcare conference where I found her enthusiasm to be quite contagious!  I then approached her to speak to my departmental managers for a leadership training.  She helped me to determine what specific goal we needed to achieve and then dedicated herself to its attainment.  We found her presentation to be positive and knowledgeable in the 'language of leadership.'  I would recommend Jane for any type of business, especially if you want to grow your employees enthusiasm and take their productivity to the next level."

~ Lauren Kippen, Director - Marquis Companies

 "Jane was rated very high by participants at the Montana Health Care Association Conference. Participants said she was fun, entertaining, awesome, dynamic and energizing. They requested that she speak at next year's conference."

~ Rose Hughes, Executive Director - Montana Health Care Association


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